How to create waybills online

To provide more convenient international express service to our customers, and to reduce possible mistakes when filling out paper waybill by hand-writing, SF encourages our customers to create and release waybills on SF’s Online Order System. As long as you have a computer and a printing machine, you are ready to create the waybill in A4 paper when shipping with SF.


How to create and release waybill on the Online Order System?

1. Register to or log in to the Online Order System.

Customers may use an email address to register to the Online Order System. Customers who have already registered can login directly and customers who have not can register first.


2. Input address information

All information should be input in English so as for customs clearance.

Step 1: Fill in shipper and receiver information.

Remark: If it is a personal shipment and the receiver is in the Chinese Mainland, it is requested by China Customs that receiver’s ID copy be provided for customs clearance. Check A kind reminder: personal ID uploads for personal shipments to Chinese Mainland for how to upload ID copy to SF system.


Step 2: Package Description

Remark: Please fill in goods information in details as required.


Step 3: Fill in invoice information, pickup time and service type

Click “Send” when confirming all the information is completed and correct.


3. Print waybill


After clicking “Send”, Online Order is completed and the system has generated the waybill and invoice automatically in PDF format. Click “Print AWB” and ”Print Invoice” to print in A4 paper.



4. Sending out shipment

Step 1: Put the waybill and invoice into a transparent pouch or a brown envelop, and attach it to the outer box of shipment.

Step 2: Hand over the shipment to SF courier.