International Bulk
Service Introduction

International Bulk is a service for corporations that ship heavy cargo overseas. 

We offer stable transit times and lower price services.

For inquiries regarding this service, please contact our customer service or sales representative.

Applicable Customer

Dedicated to the following types of customers with SF account


  • B2B customers (Cross-border E-commerce enterprises, Overseas branch)
    *Please note that we do not handle products for individuals.
Service Standard


Weight covered by service

Chinese Mainland
Hong Kong Region

20kg/shipment or above
(Less than 20kg will be charged as 20kg)


Regarding weight:

Shipping rate is determined by either actual weight or volume weight of the shipment, heavy weight will be applicable and applied.

Volume weight calculation: Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 6,000


Any further questions about International Heavy Freight, please contact our Customer Service or sales representatives.

Payment Methods
  • Freight: Prepayment by shipper, cash on delivery by consignee or third party which is not involving trilateral trade)
  • Duties & Taxes: Applicable for Delivered Duty Paid (DDP), Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU)
Service Coverage and Standard Transit Time Reference


  • To Chinese Mainland: 4-7 working Days
  • To Hong Kong Region: 3-4 working Days


  • From Chinese Mainland To Japan: 4-7 working Days



  • In remote places of Heilongjiang Province, Ningxia District, Gansu Province, and Xinjiang District, the overall transportation period will take an additional 1-2 business days.(This additional period may be changed due to situation and condition at local.)
  • Customs clearance for non-formal customs declaration shipments for Import : Customs clearance is normally held on the day of arrival of flight.(Except exception, such as holiday at the origin and destination country, customs inspection.)
  • Customs clearance for formal customs declaration shipments: usually 2 to 3 days longer than non-formal customs declaration shipments. (Except exception, such as holiday at the origin and destination country, customs inspection.)
  • Period for Transportation is based on submitting accurate and completed documents for custom clearance.
Service Advantage
  • Cost-effective: Exemption of fuel surcharge, effective rate compared to other services.
  • More effective calculation method, devide-by 6000 to calculate volume weight:  Length (cm) × Width (cm) × Height (cm) / 6,000
  • Door to door pick up services.
  • Stable period for transportation: Fast and convenient customs clearance.
  • Safety: Strict criteria for packing and operation process for guaranteeing the safety of shipments.
  • Tracking shipments: On SF website, customers can trace the shipments from pickup to delivery.
  • SPP/insurance is available