International Oversized and Overweight Shipping
Service Introduction

For customers who send shipments that are oversized and/or overweight than regular shipments from Chinese Mainland to Japan, we need to invest extra resources to complete the whole process from pickup, transport and delivery of the shipments and ensure the safe transportation and timely delivery. Surcharge is applied for this special service.

Applicable Services

Standard Express Service (SE), Economy Express Service (EE)

Service Coverage Network

Origins: Chinese Mainland (Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan excluded)

Delivery coverage: Japan

There are two different charges to be collected depending on the following different levels.
Standard Charge Size (PCS) Weight (PCS)

Level 1

RMB 260/pcs

The size of a single package:
200 cm < Length ≤ 250 cm
Or 80 cm < Width ≤ 150 cm
Or 70 cm < Height ≤ 150 cm

Weight of a single package:
70 kg < chargeable weight ≤130 kg

Level 2 Case by case

The size of a single package:

Length > 250 cm,
Or width > 150 cm,
Or height > 150 cm

Weight of a single package: > 130 kg


1. A single package refers to a consignment that is packed independently and cannot be split into multiple packages.
2. If the receiver in Japan to pay the charge, it is required to convert Chinese Yuan into Japanese Yen. Please refer to SF website for exchange rate.

Payment Methods

The payment of this surcharge is requested together with the freight charge, which can be paid by the shipper, theconsignee, or by a designated third party.