How to prepare invoice

Invoice is one of the important documents for customs clearance at destination when sending international shipments. It should be handed over to SF Express together with shipments to be sent.
Invoice must be filled with accurate and true shipment information in English. For personal shipments to be sent to the Chinese Mainland, the information on invoice must be in details for customs clearance purpose.

1. AWB No.
Please fill in SF waybill number in 12-digit numbers or in 15-digits numbers that begins with SF on AWB.


2. Shipper and Consignee information
Please fill in both shipper’s and consignee’s information correctly, including their names, company names, addresses, contact person (department) and telephone numbers.


3. Detailed information of goods
Shippers are required to provide detailed information about goods to be sent. This includes the description of goods, weight, pieces, quantity, unit price, and total value etc.
3.1 Description of goods: Detailed information about goods must be provided and avoid vagueness. Please provide brand name, product name, materials, specification etc.
Example: 1) Adidas shoes: Adidas ADIDAS sports shoes Yeezy350V2; 2) Baby milk powder: Abbott Abbott stage 2 624g.
3.2 Total declared value: It is the sum of declared value of each kind of goods, and it should be consistent with the number in "Total value" (both currency and amount) under "Description of contents" on waybill. Please put down "100JPY" for document shipment.
3.3 Incoterms(Trade Terms):It is intended primarily to clearly communicate the tasks, costs and risks associated with the transportation and delivery of goods.


4. Country of Origin
It should be consistent with the origin production on waybill. Just need to write down country code.
Example: Japan - JP, China - CN, Honk Kong - HK, Taiwan - TW, USA - U.S., Singapore - SG, Malaysia - MY, Korea - KR etc.


5. Shipping purpose
Please choose ‘Commercial’ or “Non-Commercial” for shipping purpose.


6. Remarks
It is just be available for customers based on the customer's requirement.


7. Signature and date
Shipper signature and date, which should be the same on the waybill.

If customers use SF Online Order to schedule a pickup (Go to IUOP), please provide goods description in details in English as mentioned above.