International Oversize and Overweight Shipping
Service Introduction

The Oversize and Overweight Shipping value-added service is designed for customers who possess a need to send oversize and/or overweight shipments to from China to South Korea. SF Express will charge appropriate fees in order to ensure that it can allocate resources accordingly, as well as ensure that shipments can reach their respective destinations safely and on time. 

Applicable Services

International Standard Express, International Economy Express 

Service Standards

Shipment Pick-Up Coverage: China Mainland (Excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) 

Shipment Delivery Coverage: South Korea


Oversize and overweight shipments are charged by two levels. Please refer to the size and weight of each type.



Trade lane

Single Shipment Size

Single Shipment Weight



Level 1

Standard Express


Economy Express 

China mainland to



(Excl. Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) 

*Single shipment;

80cm < width ≤ 150cm
200cm < length ≤ 250cm
70cm < height ≤ 150cm

70kg < actual weight ≤ 130kg



•If either size criteria or weight criteria are met, will meet Level 1  

    ex) W = 60cm, L = 150cm, H = 60cm /

           Actual Weight = 120kg à Level 1

•If all three criteria of size are below the max. value and one or more of the three criteria is above the min. value, will meet Level 1

     ex) W = 70cm, L = 230cm, H = 60cm à Level 1

     ex) W = 70cm, L = 230cm, H = 170cm à Level 2

           (Cause: The height length exceeds the max. value

            of level 1 height (150cm))

Level 2

*Single shipment;

width  > 150cm
length > 250cm
height > 150cm

actual weight > 130kg

Case by case

•If either size criteria or weight criteria is met, will meet Level 2

     ex) W = 120cm, L = 200cm, H = 120cm /

            Actual Weight = 150kg à Level 2

•If at least one of the three criteria for size exceeds the minimum value, will meet level 2

     ex) W = 120cm, L = 230cm, H = 180cm à Level 2

•A single shipment refers to a consignment that is packaged independently and cannot be split into multiple packages.
Payment Methods

The method of payment dependents upon the designated freight payment method (paid by shipper, paid by receiver, or paid by third party)