E-Commerce Express Standard
Service Introduction

SF E-Commerce Express-Standard is a high-efficiency logistics service customized for cross-border B2C e-commerce merchants to meet their demands for large, high-value cargo delivery. The service covers US. The service utilizes SF's convenient customs clearance system and superior delivery services in destination countries to provide a special delivery service with convenient customs clearance, stable timeliness and traceable routing for cross-border B2C E-commerce sellers. 

Product Edges
  • Low weight restriction: For E-Commerce Express-Standard shipments to USA the maximum weight of a shipment shall not exceed 3kg;
  • Cost-effectiveness: Flexible charging mode,and the initial weight is 50g;
  • Professional customs clearance: Convenient customs clearance and improved timeliness;
  • Quick online track & trace: Shipment status can be checked online on the same day of pickup;
  • Full-process tracking: The shipment can be tracked throughout the whole delivery process.
SE Transit Time


Reference transit time (working day)

The United States

11 working days

The transit time is for reference only. SF does not promise any transit time. The actual delivery time is subject to the actual transshipping time.

Service Standards


Weight Restriction

Dimension Restriction

The United States



packaged in cylindrical or tube shape is not accepted

Charging Mode


Charging Mode

Volume Calculation

The United States

Shipments are charged based on a single shipment. The initial weight is 50g, The additional weight is 50g(weight≤1kg); the additional weight is 100 g(1kg<weight≤3kg)

Below 2kg, take the actual weight as chargeable weight. Over 2kg, compare the actual and volumetric weight, and take the bigger as chargeable weight.

Length × Width × Height (cm)/6,000


The chargeable weight is subject to the pound weight recorded in the SF system (for specific expenses, refer to the pricing table).

Operational Requirements

* Pre-declaration requirements:

1.    Customers can place orders in their own systems that are interconnected with SF's API system and print waybills (labels) based on the requirements.

2.    Customers can log in to SF's international e-commerce website, place orders, and print waybills (labels) based on the requirements.

3.    Customers can use third-party shipping systems to place orders and print waybills (labels) based on the requirements.


* Shipment Handling Requirements:

1.    After waybills (labels) are printed, paste the waybills (labels) on the outer packaging of shipments.

2.    The couriers will check the number of the shipments on the spot. (If you drop off shipments to SF service station, the actual number of shipments must match with the information you ordered)


* Order Placement Requirements:

Customers can call 080 393 1111 to request for S.F. E-Commerce Express-Standard service. SF will arrange couriers to pick up shipments.