Luggage Shipping
Service Introduction



Service Description 


SF Express Luggage Service is Suitable for individuals, students, and travelers who need to ship large personal luggage back to their home country (e.g., clothing, books, furniture, etc.). It is a great solution for expensive airline checked baggage fees or luggage exceeding airline checked baggage standards. 

  1. Applicable Items for Shipping:  Personal luggage and personal used items. 

  1. Destination From the United States or Canada to China Mainland, China Hong Kong, and China Macau. 

  1. Declared Value for Shipping to Mainland China:  Resident travelers (holding valid Chinese passports) with a total value within 5000 RMB (Foreign tourists/travelers are limited to 2000 RMB), will be exempt from customs duties. If the value exceeds the limit, customs will only levy duties on the excess portion of items brought for personal use upon entry. 

  1. Shipping Rates Please refer to the personal shipping rate calculator available on our online order website. (Click for the US Website or the Canada Website). 

*Please note that the final shipping fee is subject to the actual delivery method and the weight of the package.  


Service Process

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Required Documents for Luggage Shipping from the United States to China Mainland 

  1. Photocopy of traveler’s passport page and visa page 

  1. Photocopy of the custom entry stamp or custom entry electronic proof.  

  1. Photocopy of traveler's boarding pass or flight itinerary (flight date must be within six months). 


Required Documents for Shipping Luggage from Canada to China Mainland 

  1. Photocopy of traveler’s passport page and visa page (some shipping clearance requires the original passport to be mailed) 

  1. Photocopy of the custom entry stamp or custom entry electronic proof. 

  1. Photocopy of traveler's boarding pass or flight itinerary (flight date within six months can be used for luggage shipping). 

  1. Copy of Customs Declaration Form with the customs verification stamp (some shipping clearance requires the original form to be mailed). 



Online Order Process  


Step 1: Luggage Packing 

Reference the Parcel Packing Guide for packing luggage. 


【Tips for shipping to China Mailand:】

  • Shipped items must meet the standard of " personal luggage" (refer to personal items) and must follow the principle of "reasonable personal use," with the shipping items’ quantities meeting the "reasonable personal use" requirement. (For example, 10 hairdryers would not meet the "reasonable personal use"). 

  • All shipping items must be used items (with opened boxes). Mixing new and used items is not accepted. 

  • Books are restricted to a maximum of 50 per shipment. 


Step 2: Creating Waybills Online 

  1. Register/Login to the SF Individual online shipping website (US website, Canada website). If you don't have an account, click for personal account registration guidelines. 

  1. Click "Start Shipping," select "Personal Luggage." 

  1. Enter your Flight information. Select shipping destination and drop-off options 

  1. Enter the shipping items' information. 

  1. Enter the sender and recipient addresses. 

  1. Complete payment. 

  1. Print the shipping labels and commercial invoice. 


【Shipping Tips:】

  • The sender, recipient, passenger, and passport must be the same person, with the name matching exactlyThe sender must be an individual, not a company. 

  • The recipient's contact name and phone number must be valid and accurate. 

  • Once the parcel is received by SF warehouses, the order cannot be canceled. If you need further assistance on canceling your order, please reach out to the SF customer hotline.


Step 3: Drop off Luggage 

1) If drop off at SF Locations (SF warehouses): 

  • Affix the SF waybill and commercial receipt on your package. 
  • If you have multiple packages, affix the waybill in the sequence of the SF waybill number. Attach or place the commercial receipt in or on the 1st package (referred to as the "first package" with the SF waybill number of 1).


Click here to view SF drop-off points 


2) If drop off at UPS points:  

  • Affix the UPS, SF waybill, and commercial receipt on your package.  

  • If you have multiple packages, affix the waybill to each package in the sequence of the SF waybill number. Affix the UPS waybill to the 1st packageAttach or place the commercial receipt in or on the 1st package. 


【Shipping Tips:】

UPS drop-off has a weight limit of 150 lbs per package. SF drop-off points have no weight restrictions. 


Step 4: Flight to China 

Remember to keep a copy of the itinerary and boarding pass. 


Step 5: Proceed Through Customs

1) If entering through regular customs windows: 

After entry, you need to upload the passport entry stamp page. 


2) If entering through electronic customs entrance: 

After passing through the electronic customs entrance, travelers need to print the most recent record of entry by using the self-service printer upon entry. 


3) For shipments from Canada】 Travelers need to fill out the "Customs Declaration Form " and check "6." If the declaration form is not obtained or not stamped by customs, only items with value under ¥50 RMB are exempt from tax and duties. The items' value is subject to customs determination. 


Step 6: Upload documents to SF 

Upload custom documents via the below link: 

SF customer service representative will contact the recipient via phone or email to request customs clearance documents. The required documents may vary depending on the customs clearance port.  


Step 7: Clearance Complete and Deliver to Your Door




Shipping Luggage at SF Authorized Reseller 


If the online order is not for you, you can also go to SF authorized resellers to ship your luggage. The SF luggage authorized reseller does not require printed shipping labels; resellers will prepare your luggage shipping orders. Prices may vary by location; please consult a specific reseller for detailed pricing. 


Click to view 

US Authorized Luggage Resellers 

*Please note that not every US reseller has SF luggage shipping service, please look for the resellers who are marked as【Luggage service available】



Customer Support 


US Customer Service1 855 901 1133 

Canada Customer Service1 647 924 2668 

China Customer Service95338