SF Express Launches New Regular Charter Flight from the US to China

  • SF Express Launches New Regular Charter Flight from the US to China

    SF Express is pleased to announce the launch in April 2020 of a new “Los Angeles to Hangzhou” service, to run along side its existing “New York to Hangzhou” service, to meet the international transportation needs of American and Chinese customers.

    SF Express’ airline, SF Airlines, utilizes an 87-tonne capacity Boeing 747-400F cargo aircraft for its air freight routes from the US to China. The route is expected to fly three times per week with 240 tonnes in cross-border transportation capacity. The US outbound service will focus on general freight for automotive, spare parts, heavy machinery, chemicals, electronic products, and fresh food. SF Express also offers a last-mile delivery network in China, providing additional convenience to international shippers.

    SF Express boasts coverage from Southeast Asia to Central Asia as well as Europe, and since February 2020, has successfully launched, or resumed, 13 international air freight routes, among them Wuxi to Chongqing, Hahn to Wuxi, Shenzhen to Chennai, Nanning to Ho Chi Minh, Shenzhen to Delhi, Shenzhen to Singapore and Shenzhen to Osaka.

    “SF Express is committed to providing customers with exceptional service,” said Frank Poon, the head of SF Express Americas. “Not only do these international cargo routes expand SF Express’ global express air freight network, they also apply SF Express’ integrated logistics know-how and systems, leveraging our core advantages in air freight, land freight, and data to provide a great service to our customers.”

    SF E-Parcel links over 225 countries and regions as well as express delivery support in 70 countries. SF Express has continued to expand its global logistics networks while reducing delivery times and costs to shippers, and aims to deliver one-site customized solutions for international delivery by integrating customs clearance, post-sale delivery, goods pick-up, and man-in-a-van services.            

    “SF Express will continue to improve cross-border logistics, transportation efficiency and customer experience, creating a solid and strategic foundation for SF Express’ continued international expansion and growth,” Mr. Poon added.

    About SF Express
    SF Express was established in Shunde, Guangdong in 1993. Since its establishment, SF Express has been committed to continuously improving its service quality and infrastructure by vigorously developing and introducing new IT technologies and equipment to achieve automated operations.

    SF Express has developed diversified express service business units and service networks covering China and the rest of the world to support its market development, logistics, and distribution systems. SF Express established its US office in Los Angeles in 2012 and offers pick-up services in 48 states and delivery services in 50 states.

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