How to login & ship with SF

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Step 1:Choosing shipping method. 

Option 1: SF Authorized Reseller Stores

  • Customers in US and Canada can choose to ship with SF authorized reseller stores. (Click to check US authorized stores and Canada authorize stores)
  • At these stores, customers receive assistance from clerks to complete SF orders.No need to place online orders or print labels at home

Option 2: SF Online Shipping Platform

  • Customers can use the SF online shipping platform for convenience.
  • Follow the bellow steps for placing online orders.

*Tips: Utilize the "Shipping Calculator" on SF Online order website for estimated prices.Final price calculated based on dimensional or actual weight.


Step 2:Logging in and Starting the Shipping Process


Step 3:Providing Package Information and Selecting Drop-off Option

 *Tips:Please note that once you've submitted your order, the chosen drop-off method cannot be changed. Some destinations only support SF drop-off. 


Step 4: Filling in Detailed Item Information

  • Click the "Add Item" button to enter detailed information about the items you are shipping.
  • About ECCN number:Please use the provided link to check if the shipping items are subject to export controls. If yes, you need to provide the corresponding ECCN number. If your item falls under U.S. Department of Commerce jurisdiction and is not listed on the Commerce Control List( CCL), it is designated as EAR99. 
  • About HTS number: Click the provided link to access the Schedule B search tool. Enter a description of the items in the search bar, such as "Vitamin C," select the appropriate option and obtain a 10-digit HTS number. Copy and paste this number into the HTS Number field.

*Tips: Different types, sizes, or brands of items need to be listed separately. To ensure smooth customs clearance, please accurately provide the relevant information.

Step 5: Verify Information, Select Applicable Regulations, and Proceed to Payment

  • About coupon code: If you have an online order coupon code, click "Apply Coupon" at the bottom right corner. Enter the coupon code to apply the discount.

*Tips: Online order coupon codes are only valid for this specific ordering website and cannot be used for other SF services or at authorized reseller stores.


Step 6:Printing the provided labels

  • Print the provided Drop-off label, SF Waybill and Commercial Invoice associated with your order.
  • Review the information and sign on the SF waybill. 


Step 7:Packing

  • Pack your shipping item securely and appropriately to ensure safe transportation.
  • Place the signed SF Waybill and Commercial Invoice inside the package.
  • Attach the drop-off label to the outside of the package.

*Tips: Make sure the label printed clearly, do not obstruct the barcode and address.



Step 8: Dropping off 
*Tips: Please be aware that packing and label printing services might not be offered at the drop-off locations. Ensure that you properly pack your items and print all necessary labels before proceeding to the drop-off.




Corporate/Business Account

For corporate/Business users, please login to

Please check order instructions on IUOP User Manual - Enterprise Account at Download Center on our website