SF Certified International Shipping - Direct Shipping Service with Guaranteed End-to-End Visibility and Tracking

  • We are pleased to introduce to you SF Certified International Shipping (SF CIS), a new certification of quality for cross-border e-commerce shipping services. When approved, online merchants can place a SF CIS stamp on their websites and social media platforms, and they can receive related promotional materials for advertisement purposes, with the SF CIS stamp to be placed on their shipments' waybills. The SF CIS stamp signifies complete, end-to-end visibility of the shipping process and indicates that the pickup location information has been verified by SF for anti-fraud purposes. The SF CIS certification represents the following values:


    -       Trustworthiness – SF Express provides high quality logistics services

    -       Traceability – SF Express verifies information about the pickup location to avoid fraud

    -       Door-to-door delivery – Cross-border shipments are delivered directly to customers' door


    Application Requirements:

    -       Applicant must be an existing SF Express credit account customer, and have used SF's cross-border logistics service for at least 3 months

    -       Applicant must be cross-border e-commerce merchants that operate on either B2B and/or B2C business models

    -       The e-commerce merchant cannot sell any products that are prohibited, restricted, dangerous or toxic by regulations of IATA, the International Civil Aviation Organization and other relevant government departments or organizations

    -       For more Terms & Conditions you may refer to the local sales team.


    Application Approval Time: 2 weeks


    The SF CIS program will be launched soon; e-commerce merchants that are interested and want to apply for this service in advance may download the application form here and send it to your sales contact person, or e-mail it to mediaus@sf-express.com.

    For more information, please contact the SF local sales team or couriers, or call the SF Customer Service Hotline at  +1 855 901 1133.