Notice about unauthorized SF stores in Canada

  • To all valued customers in North America:

    SF International (SF Express) has become aware that the unauthorized stores located at Toronto Splendid China Mall 1E18 has been moved to Pacific Mall (Taigu Square) E68,  the store bearing SF Express banners and logos and purporting to sell SF Express services.

    Please be advised that the mentioned storefronts are NOT authorized to use SF Express banners, logos, or trademarks for any purpose in Canada; and is NOT authorized to sell any SF Express services in Canada. Please be further advised that the individual associated with the storefront, Huisheng “Jason” Li/Lee, is NOT affiliated with SF Express/SF International. SF is taking action to hold said store and its owner, Huisheng “Jason” Li/Lee, accountable for the unauthorized and illegal use of SF banners, logos and trademarks.

    Because SF Express does not provide any authorized reseller services at this storefront, it cannot be responsible for any issues resulting from services purchased at this storefront.


    Pacific Mall (Taigu Square) unauthorized store address:

    4300 Steeles Ave E unit E68, Markham, ON L3R 0Y5


    Please be reminded that you can place order through SF official website or authorized reseller stores, click here to see the list of Canada SF authorized resellers.

    SF International will continue to provide excellent service to all of its customers to gain and retain your trust and support.

    If you have any questions or comments regarding the above notice, please contact our Canada customer services department at +1 (650) 416-5554.

    Thank you.


    Pacific Mall (Taigu Square) unauthorized store:



    SF International

    KEX Express (US)