China Taiwan Personal Shipment Import Real-name Verification Policy

  •  In order to strengthen the import supervision, from September 20, 2018, China Taiwan Customs will implement Personal Shipment Import Real-name Verification Policy for all parcels (except documents)imported into China Taiwan.

    To prevent delays in customs clearance, please make sure your receiver’s real name and personal information are registered online in advance. Click herefor online registration instructions.

    For shipments sent to China Taiwan, please make sure below information is written accurately on the AWB:




    Consignee’s Company Name

    / Consignee’s Name

    Full name written on business registration, identification card, passport, etc.

    Abbreviation is not allowed.

    Consignee’s Tax ID

    This item is mandatory.

    Company: Company Tax ID (Uniform Number)

    Personal : ID Number


    Contact information

    Valid and correct contact number

    It is better to write personal mobile phone number registered in China Taiwan Customs


    For more information, please refer to theChina Taiwan Customs Notices. For inquiries, please contact the Customer Service Hotline at  1855 901 1133.

    Thank you.