SF Express Launches Certified Shipping Verification Service for Cross-border Businesses

  • SF CIS Stamp

    SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- SF Express, China's leading logistics service provider, announces the launch of SF Certified International Shipping (SF CIS) verification service. Designed for merchants around the world using SF Express direct shipping services, the CIS stamp will serve as a visual confirmation that their packages are being handled by SF Express, from their origin overseas to the end recipient in China.


    The new service allows merchants to upload the SF CIS stamp on their website and social media platforms. The stamp will also appear on e-waybills, which can provide real-time tracking and international end-to-end visibility of the package, including details in the destination country. The service is currently available in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan in Asia and the UK, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Germany in Europe. Australia and the US are also included.


    With its decades-long history in China, SF Express understands and works to meet the demands of online shoppers in China who value full track and trace transparency on their cross-border purchases. With the CIS stamp, overseas merchants will be able to leverage SF's brand value and trust to increase confidence among their customers, as well as suppliers and fellow merchants.


    "SF CIS is our latest value-added service for cross-border B2C merchants. Proving their products are actually shipping from overseas is a common challenge for these overseas sellers. This new unique service solves this problem. We are providing a visual stamp certifying these cross-border shipments originated in overseas countries, which raises confidence among online shoppers in China. Cross-border merchants can differentiate themselves by using this new service," said David William Adams, the CEO of SF Express International Business Unit.

    Companies that would like to apply for SF CIS service must be cross-border B2B and/or B2C businesses. They must also be an existing SF Express customer and have been using SF cross-border logistics service for at least three months. The application time usually takes about two weeks.


    Interested companies can download the application form here:



    About SF Express


    Established in Shunde, Guangdong province, China in 1993, SF Express is one of the leading courier in China, which provides domestic and international express delivery solutions to a wide array of customers. Its mature, diversified networks and robust IT infrastructure allow it to provide unparalleled delivery options that connect China to the rest of the world. The first private express delivery company in the Chinese Mainland to include an airline subsidiary, SF Express has 50+ cargo aircrafts and is continually expanding its international presence.


    For more information, please visit: www.sf-express.com


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