How to register an account

Enterprise Account Registration(Applicable For Creadit Account Customers Only)

Steps for registering as an Enterprise Account on IUOP:

1.Contact sales team to create a SF account for your company;

2. Inform sales to create a user of IUOP-WEB for you

3. After receiving your username and password, go to our website


 IUOP Login Page

√  Open IE or Google Chrome browser to website “

√  Select language option that you prefer to display in “Personal Login” tab, and click on “Register” to register your personal account.


In the registration page, please select “Enterprise Registration”, fill in all information with *, tick “I Agree <Service Agreement>”, and click “Register”.

Please make sure that you provide the correct registration code and credit account number.

a. For any error messages, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales representative for assistance.

b. The dialogue box of “Register Successfully” will pop up, and you may begin shipping with SF!