Notice on Japanese warehouse storage fee

  • In order to provide stable convenience and improve service quality, a warehouse storage fee will be incurred for exports to Japan that meet the following conditions.


    • Effective date

    -       Applied shipments, arriving in Japan from November 30, 2020


    • Applied services

    -       Origin: Korea, Origin: Korea, China(including Mainland China , Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) , Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal to Japan

    -       Product: Standard Express (SE), Economy Express (EE)


    • Target

    -   All customers (Credit and Cash customers)

    -   Shipper pay, Receiver pay and 3rd party pay


    •   Charged amount

    -       Charged JPY 600 per air waybill (shpt.)


    •  Contents

    -   Applied to shipment that has not been cleared within 5 days (excluding the date of arrival) after

    flight arrival

    -   From the 6th day after flight arrival (excluding arrival date), JPY 600 will be charged per air


    -   In case of delay due to reasons by SF, storage fee is not charged

    -   Except for the following reasons, if customs clearance is delayed, it will not be charged


    <Reason for claim>


    Customs HHT Node Name


    Reason Code


    Formal Clearance

    303.需要进口许可证件;Import license required

    304.政府部门检疫要求;Inspection and quarantine requirements of government departments
    305.需要提供代理报关委托书;POA for customs clearance agency should be provided
    306.需要提供原产地证;The certificate of origin should be provided
    307.收货人要求自行指定清关代理清关;The receiver requires to designate its own clearance agent


    Brokerage Hold

    321.货物价值过低;The value of goods is too low

    327.黑名单客户;Blacklisted customers
    328.客户要求扣货;Customers require to hold shipments
    333.海关禁止货物进口;The goods are prohibited from import by the customs


    Customs Hold

    340.申报价值不符; The declared value is inconsistent

    344.海关禁止货物进口; The goods are prohibited from import by the customs
    345.疑似侵犯知识产权; It is suspected of infringement on IPR
    348.海关要求提供其他清关资料; Other clearance materials are required by the customs
    349.政府部门检疫要求; Inspection and quarantine requirements of government departments

     If you want to know more about it, please directly call the customer service hotline 080 393 1111 or feel free to contact the online customer service hotline (Kakao Talk, WeChat).

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    SF International