SF Extends Services to European 28 Countries

  • We are very pleased to announce that SF has extended its services to European 28 countries* in July 2016. Now you can enjoy reliable express delivery service to all areas in these above-mentioned countries at competitive rates. We believe our network expansion will help you to connect your business to even more countries in the world.

    As your dedicated and reliable shipping partner, we adhere to expanding our network and providing high quality and cost-effective solutions to fulfill your logistics demands.

    For more information, please email us at SFEUCS@SF-EXPRESS.COM.

    * European 28 countries now include United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal, France, the Netherland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Romania, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Austria, Finland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Cyprus, Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Malta