SF Temporary Emergency Surcharges Update

  • SF continues to provide services amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic to support the needs of our customers. Our goal is to ensure that our customers’ shipping needs are met as the demand for air cargo capacity increases. To better manage the surge in demand for air cargo capacity and the increase in  maintain service costs, SF will adjust the Temporary Emergency Surcharges (TES) on shipments worldwide.

    Effective from December 1, 2021, SF will revise Temporary Emergency Surcharges (TES) rates for shipments in response to market conditions. See tables below for more information. Temporary Emergency Surcharges are subject to change and peak periods may be extended or otherwise changed. The latest Temporary Emergency Surcharge can be found on SF International official website https://www.sf-international.com/vn/en/.


    SF Temporary Emergency Surcharge per KG, effective from February 12th, 2022 onwards



    Chinese Mainland/ Hong Kong/ Taiwan/ Macau


    Other Asia countries

     United States/ Canada


    Viet Nam

    32,000 VND

    78,000 VND

    40,000 VND

    40,000 VND

    14,000 VND




    Chinese Mainland

    Hong Kong



    Viet Nam

    9.8 CNY

    9 HKD

    9 MOP

    30 TWD

    (*) Import to Viet Nam _ Charges in origin local currency, converted  to VND by exchange rate of the issuing month.


    SF International

    12 Feb.2022