How to Ship Online with SF

Personal Account

Personal Login

1. Visit the SF TH website at and click “Login” at the upper-right corner, or browse on IE or Google Chrome browser.

2. Select the language you prefer and click “Personal Login”, then fill in your email address, password and verify code, then click “Login”.

3. A welcome page will display after logon successfully. Go to the “Order” tab to place order.

Online Shipment Order Placing via Personal Account

1. Go to “Start Shipping” tab to place order.

2. There are 3 steps for placing online shipment order: Address Information, Package Description, Shipment Details.

Step 1/3: Address Information

Enter address of Shipper and Receiver and click the“Save Address” button to save.


Step 2/3: Package Description

Input the necessary information and select the desired service. Required items are highlighted in red. Click “Save” to confirm.

Step 3/3: Shipment Detail

Complete the ‘Commercial Invoice’ information.

Corporate Account

1. Input your user name and password on the first page. Choose your preferred language and then login.


2. Click “Order” on the left to begin placing your order.


3. Choose “Order List” and click the“New”button.

4. There are four steps for placing your order. Fill in your shipment information. Required items are highlighted in red.


5. After you have filled in the information, there are three options below:

Reset: To clear all data and start over

Save: To save your order as a draft

Send: To confirm and submit your order

6. If your shipment is successfully submitted, the waybill number and status will be shown as below.


7. If your shipment has failed to go through, the status will be shown as Error with remark.


Place batch orders

1. Prepare a template (Excel, csv or txt)

2. Click“Template Profile”on the left column and press the“New” button

3. Input template name and save. Please note that the template name cannot be duplicated.

4. Select “Map fields” to do the template matching work

5. Select your file and file code. Then input your template definitions. Then submit it.

6. Start mapping field with SF information.

Choose field name in your file or input default value.

7. In addition, you can import your old template mapping as below.

When you see the saved screen, you can see all your successfully filled-in information.

8. Import orders with your file

The system supports APS Templates; you can download and choose APS Template when you import an APS Template data file.

Single Template and Multiple Template is the same as APS Template.

Select customize template to edit default template


9. If a template is successfully imported, it will be shown as below.

10. If there is an error, it will show an error message.

You need to modify the mapping template or your data file in accordance with the guidance on the web page. Then, resubmit your data.

11. When all your data is successfully uploaded, it will be shown as below.