About on Collection of Temporary Surcharge (updated on July 8th)

  • Dear Customers,

     SF International pays close attention to the situation of Covid-19 around the world. At present, international airlines schedules are still unstable. During this period, the acquisition of capacity resources for import and export express has been significantly restricted. In order to ensure continuous and quality service, SF International is planning to charge or update the Temporary Surcharge. Please refer to the details as follow:



    1.     3rd party pay at originals follow the rules for shipper pay; 3rd party pay at destinations follow the rules for receiver pay.
    2.     Please refer to the official website of the corresponding country/region for Temporary Surcharge of other original.

    If you want to know more about it, please directly consult SF International Sales or call the Customer Service hotline. Thank you for your support and trust to SF International.

     SF International