BOX Direct
Service Introduction

From now onwards, you may simply call our Customer Service and indicate that you would like to use Box Direct service to enjoy rates as low as $13 from the first kg towards the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. This service is inclusive of pickup service and packaging materials.


Weight (KG)

Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan













Service Terms & Conditions

•   Chargeable weight (Kg) of a shipment is determined by the actual gross weight or the volumetric weight (L x W x H(cm) ÷ 6,000).

•   Shipments are calculated in 1kg increments, weight in decimal kg will be rounded up to the nearest kg.

•   For shipments above 6kg, it will be charged Economy Express rates.

•   All Box Direct Rates are exclusive of any prevailing Government Taxes.

Service Notice

•   All items have to be brand new, shipper needs to provide item receipts or online transaction screenshot for China Customs verification

•   According to China Customs requirements, receivers will need to upload their ID copy for China Customs to verify. Receivers may upload their ID copy through S.F. official website or S.F. official WeChat channel.

•   As imported goods into China may incur tax, receivers in China will be responsible for the payment of tax incurred. Tax amount will be based on item type, quantity, declared value and dutiable value.

Service Transit Time

It will take around 5 – 7 business days to reach destination.

Prohibited / Restricted Items

Some commodities may be prohibited or restricted in countries of destination, please refer to the regulations and requirements of local customs authorities for details.