Growing with SF - An interview with Khisamutdinov Maxim, a Russian Employee from SF International

  • With the promotion of the national strategy of the Belt & Road Initiative and the development of cross-border e-commerce, China is emerging as a global consumer market. As more overseas products are flowing into China, products made in China are also becoming more and more favored by global consumers. The crazy shopping behaviors of delegations from other countiesduring the G20 Summit set a good example.

    Khisamutdinov Maxim from Russia who has been in China for six years also follows this trend. He always buys Chinese products for his Russian friends. He said with a smile, "Russia is characterized by well-developed heavy industry and high-proportioned light industry; and its economic growth is going slowly.We Russian like high-quality Chinese products with competitive prices, especially costumes, articles for daily use, food and electronic products."

    Meanwhile, as an employee of SF International, Maxim’s work includes planning, design and optimization of cross-border logistics products of Northeastern Europe such as Russia and Ukraine. He and his teamhave optimized the delivery routes of Ordinary Mail and Registered Mail of SF E-Parcel in the flow of Ukraine so that registered fees of Ukrain E-parcel can be waived.This is widely appraised by sellers whose logistics costs are saved. Being appraised by customers, Maxim, who was born in 1985s said shyly, "This is what we should do!"


    It was a coincidence that Maxim joined SF. After he finished his Chinese learning in Nankai University, he continued to pursue his postgraduate degreein international trade in Renmin University of China as he wanted to strengthen communication and exchanges with Chinese, enhance his Chinese proficiency and accelerate the China-Russia trading. SF offered him a unique development opportunity right in time. "A Vietnamese friend of mine worked for SF at that time, and he strongly recommended SF to me as SF was afast-developing company and was in the initial phase of its globalization. I am pleased to have the opportunity to grow with SF. So here I come!"

    As a native Russian, Maxim knows better about local conditions, customs and market conditions in Russia than anyone else when SF entered the market. He said, "In recent years, online shopping in Russia is developing more and more quickly with a positive prospect. Nowadays not only young people love to shop online, but more and more housewives prefer to shop on the well-developed Internet. They buy all kinds of Chinese products from furniture and household appliances to articles of daily use and costumes. These popular Chinese products open a door for SF International to enter Russian market, which is a necessary condition of the company’s development”.

    In his daily work, Maxim not only studies and analyzes Chinese customers' needs and overseas markets, but also visits customers with his colleagues frequently. The handsome appearance and fluent Chinese speaking with a familiar Northeast China accent make him quite popular among customers and help smooth the cooperation with customers."Only when you understand the demands of sellers (customers) better can you create a better and more competitive product", he said.

    Khisamutdinov Maxim and his colleagues from 13 countries gather for a common goal and make joint efforts to realize SF International's dream of "Import and Export". Till now, SF International has seven product lines and value-added services, including E-Parcel, Standard Express, Economy Express, International Heavy Freight, boutique routes, Overseas Fulfillment and Insurance Service, covering over 200 countries and regions.

    Maxim is mainly responsible for cross-border special logistics routes for Northeastern Europe which involve products and services such as Standard Express, Economy Express, E Parcel, E-Parcel+ and Overseas Fulfillment and have covered Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Poland and the Republic of Belarus. These not only satisfy customers' diversified cross-border delivery demands, but also help Chinese products to go global, which is worth appraising.

    Maxim from Russia and colleagues from other countries, customers are confident of you, so are we!


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