Notification on 2019 Fuel Surcharge Imposition and Dimensional Weight Divisor Adjustment

  • Dear Customers,

    To adapt to the market condition of changing international jet fuel price, for the freight charges of export business of Russia (Standard Express, Economy Express), S.F. Express will make the following adjustments from June 1, 2019. 

    • Adjustment on the public rates for Standard Express and Economy Express 
    • Charge international fuel surcharges
    • Adjust DIM weight divisor from 6000 to 5000

    For pickup and delivery service of remote areas and residential areas, we will collect corresponding surcharges properly afterwards.

    We will keep providing highly efficient and reliable international express services to you. Thank you for your long-term support.

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    For any queries about the freight charges adjustment, please dial the customer service hotline at +7(800)5056318 .


    SF Express

    30 April 2019