Shipment Protection Plus (SPP)
Service Introduction

SF International has always been providing quality and caring services to our customers. Shipment Protection Plus (short for “SPP”) is a value-added service provided by SF International. If customers select the SPP service when shipping packages with SF International, in addition to the freight charge, customers will need to pay the SPP service charge based on the SPP rate. During the transport process, if shipments are damaged or lost due to SF International's liabilities, SF International will compensate for the loss based on the ratio of the SPP amount (declared value) and loss.

Applicable services

Standard Express (SE), Economy Express (EE)

Applicable shipment type

Only for package shipments (not for document shipments)

Charging Standard

Standard SPP rate is 2% of shipment declared value, minimum SPP charge is RM 20/shipment

Eg 1. Customer Declare Value is RM 500. SPP Calculation: 500 x 2% = RM 10, *However minimum SPP charging rate is RM 20, hence SPP charge will be RM 20 + FC + FSC


Eg 2. Customer Declare Value is RM 20,000. SPP Calculation: 20,000 x 2% = RM 400 Hence, SPP Charging rate is RM400 + FC + FSC

Payment method

Only supports payment by the shipper (in cash or with SF account) with freight cost.

Service Scope

Available for all exports from Malaysia to: Mainland China, China Taiwan, China Hong Kong, China Macau, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Russia, US, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Mexico, Myanmar, United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, Ethiopia 28 European countries: Bulgaria, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech, Denmark, Spain, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Croatia

Shipment standards

In addition to the prohibited items specified for international transportation, the following items are not accepted for the SPP service:


  •          Fragile goods such as ceramic, glass, and gypsum products.
  •          Seasonal fruits and specialties (including aquatic products) which are not easy to store or keep fresh.
Terms of use

Please refer to SF International T&C for further information regarding SPP Claims and Reimbursement. A summary of the T&C regarding SPP and claims are as below:


  • If you purchase the SPP service, your compensation is limited to the lesser of your SPP amount or the actual cash value of the Shipment (“determined value”). If the Shipment is partially lost, damaged or deficient, your compensation will be based on the determined value and the proportionate loss/damage (namely, the determined value of the Shipment * loss/damage proportion of the Shipment).
  • The maximum declared value on a single Airway Bill for Malaysia Out-bound shipments is MYR 25,000
  • Customer must ensure that the declared value for customs and carrier shown on the waybills equals the actual cash value of the Shipment. If requested, customer shall provide true and valid commercial invoices or receipts to establish the declared value of the Shipment.
  • Without purchase of SPP service; SF’s liability, regardless of the declared value of the Shipment, shall in no event exceed the lesser of USD100/shipment or USD20/kg or USD9.07/lb. If the carriage of a Shipment combines carriage by air, road or other mode of transport, it shall be presumed that any loss or damage occurred during the air period unless proven otherwise.
  • SF International will compensate for the loss based on the ratio of the SPP amount (declared value) and loss. Freight charge will not be included in the compensation.