Package Service
Service definition

SF provides a series of diversified and professional packaging services to ensure shipment safety, using common, temperature control, cushioning, wooden, and other materials.

This is an optional service. Customers can choose this service according to actual requirements.

Applicable products

Standard Express (International), Economy Express (International), International Heavy Freight (International), and Global Express Plus (International)

Service coverage

Shipments outbound from Chinese Mainland to overseas countries.


Shipments outbound from Malaysia to overseas countries.

Charging Standards

Chinese Mainland to overseas countries:


Malaysia to overseas countries:

Packaging Type Measurement Material Type Cash Customer Unit price* SF Credit Customer Unit price* Recommended Weight
Envelope 35cm * 27cm * 1 cm Cardboard Paper FOC FOC 0.5 kg
Flyers M,L,XL Size Plastic FOC FOC 2.5 kg
Waybill Pocket 28cm * 16cm * 1cm Plastic FOC FOC 0.5 kg
Thermal AWB Label Nil Thermal Paper Roll FOC FOC -
MY BOX 2 25cm * 20cm * 18cm 2 ply Corrugated Box  RM       3.00 FOC 3.0 kg
MY BOX 3 30cm * 25cm * 20cm 3 ply Corrugated Box  RM       4.00 FOC 4.0 kg
MY BOX 4 36cm * 30cm * 25cm 3 ply Corrugated Box  RM       5.00 FOC 6.0 kg
MY BOX 5 53cm * 32cm * 23cm 3 ply Corrugated Box  RM       6.00 FOC 8.0 kg
MY BOX 6 70cm * 40cm * 32cm 3 ply Corrugated Box  RM       9.00 FOC 20.0 kg

*Unit price is inclusive of SST

Payment mode

Same as the payment mode of freight charges, including shipper pay, receiver pay, and third party pay.