International Heavy Freight (IHF)
Product Introduction

International Heavy Freight (IHF) is an express cargo service designed for transporting heavy and large volume shipments. Whether if it’s a palletized or single piece of oversized/overweight shipments, ship with confidence through SF International Heavy Freight

Product Types
  • International Heavy Freight Door to Door (IHF-DTD)

    This service is tailored for customers who require end-to-end delivery on heavy weight shipments to overseas countries, shipment(s) will be delivered all the way to specific destination address.

  • International Heavy Freight Airport to Airport (IHF-ATA)

    This service is tailored for customers who require cargo, linehaul service from airport to airport (KUL to SZX)

Product Features

    • Transit time is based on working days, does not include pickup on weekend or public holidays.

    • There will be additional 1-2 working days for delivery to remote areas of Shanxi District, Ningxia District, Gansu District and Xinjiang District.

    • Does not include fumigation service or palletization service. Customer may request for ad-hoc service however charges will be billed separately.

    • Arrangement for pickup can be done through email with respective SF Account Manager after placing order.



    • The default departure airport is KLIA Airport, default destination airport is SZX airport.

    • Transportation cost and export clearance cost will solely be borne by the customer.

    • Customer are responsible to provide own transportation of shipment to the KUL airport and provide own export customs clearance of shipments before tending to SF Airlines; Customer is solely responsible for the last mile delivery of the transported shipment and import clearance at destination.

    • For customizable service such as requirement of last mile delivery, please contact your local SF account manager.

    • Flight space availability is subject to change from day to day, for further information on flight space availability please contact our local SF account representative.

Service Coverage & Transit Time
  • IHF-DTD (5-7days)

    Service available for exporting from Malaysia to Mainland China, Hong Kong & Macao

  • IHF-ATA (3-4days)

    Service available for exporting from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Shenzhen International Airport

Weight and Size

    The initial chargeable weight (kg) shall be 100 kg. The chargeable weight (kg) of a shipment is determined by the actual gross weight or the volumetric weight (L x W x H (cm) ÷ 6,000), whichever is greater. Weight in decimal kg will be rounded up to the nearest 1kg


    The initial chargeable weight (kg) shall be 45 kg. The chargeable weight (kg) of a shipment is determined by the actual gross weight or the volumetric weight (L x W x H (cm) ÷ 6,000), whichever is greater. Weight in decimal kg will be rounded up to the nearest 1kg


Other Remarks
  • Packaging – Shipper is responsible to ensure proper packaging and take standard precautionary measures to secure packaging, wrap and cushioning of goods. The use of SF provided boxes does not guarantee that the goods are sufficiently packaged for transportation.
  • Inspection – SF International Malaysia reserves the right to inspect any packages tendered for flight transportation.
  • Customs Clearance – Shipper must be responsible to provide adequate documentation for customs clearance, by providing required documentation, the shipper certifies that all statements and information relating to exportation are true and correct.
  • Service will not be rendered to transportation of pallet or packages containing prohibited items, live animals, hazardous material and dangerous goods. SF International Malaysia reserves the rights to dispose, submit to authorities or return such packages to the shipper at the shipper's expense. All return charges apply in addition to all other applicable charges including warehousing fees and all disposal fees.
  • Interruption of Service – For circumstances beyond control whereby SF International Malaysia unable to continue transportation of shipper’s packages, the shipper will not be able to claim that SF International Malaysia is in breach of its agreement with the shipper but SF International will take all steps that are reasonably practicable in the circumstances to commence or continue the carriage.
  • SF International Malaysia will not be liable for any circumstances such as Weather condition, Natural Disaster, Acts of Terrorism, Global Calamity or insufficient information provided by customer, government agency holds or disruption of any kind in local or national air and ground transportation network.
  • SF International Malaysia reserve the rights to amend the shipping rates without prior notice
Payment Method
  • Credit Account
  • For credit account application please click here.