Custom Clearance Surcharge

Below conditions are applicable to shipments inbound into Malaysia:

  • All import shipment’s duties amount below MYR 300.00 will be categorize as auto clearance shipment through SF Malaysia. Any payments made by SF Malaysia, including but not limited to taxes, duties or other levies, on behalf of the shipper or receiver shall be due and deem payable by the shipper or receiver on demand to SF Malaysia.

Category SF Definition Price
Customs Duty & Tax Handling Surcharge Duty & Tax Handling Surcharge (Import)
In order to expedite customs clearance, SF Express may advance duty and taxes on customer behalf. A surchage shall be apply for all import shipment into Malaysia which incurred Duty & Tax
Per Shipment MYR                   53
Duty & Tax Handling Surcharge (Export)
A handling charge shall be applied on customer who requests for Export K2 form
Per Shipment MYR                   20
Storage Handling Surcharges Storage Handling
Storage charges shall apply when shipment is unable to be release due to inaccurate, pending consignee confirmation or missing paper work. Charges will take effect 3 working days after the shipment arrival date or broker notification whichever is later; this charges shall apply to the duty and tax payer.

SF International Malaysia shall not be responsible for any delays pertaining to the clearance, last mile delivery process.
Per Shipment MYR 50 after 3days; MYR 10 for subsequent days 
Clearance Data Modification Surcharge Clearance Data Modification
A surcharge on all invoice amendments (except value / currency) either before or during customs clearance process shall be imposed.
Upon Request MYR                 125
Designated Broker of Choice At request of the customer, SF International Malaysia will provide all necessary paperwork to customer's broker of choice to perform clearance and resume last mile delivery once clearance is completed / fully hand over to broker for their own last mile (broker must provide official clearance receipt from Malaysia customs before SF will handover shipment to them).

SF International Malaysia shall not be responsible for any delays pertaining to clearance processes performed by the broker of choice.
Per Shipment MYR                   50
Address Correction Surcharge Correction of Delivery Address
A surcharge is applied per shipment when the destination address provided by the shipper is incomplete, outdated, incorrect or change of address hence SF International Malaysia is unable to deliver the shipment to the correct address to complete the delivery.

SF International Malaysia shall not be responsible for any delays pertaining to the change data/info process and last mile delivery process.
Per Shipment (International) MYR                   45
Per Shipment (Domestic) As per SF Malaysia Domestic Rate