19th Hangzhou Asian Games Commemorative Promotion!

Promotion Range : South Korea

Promotion Period : 31.Aug.2023 - 15.Oct.2023



1. After you successfully register SF International App or SFGO, the system will automatically send coupons to your account. Please check out the SF International App or SFGO- "Me" - "My Coupon".
2. This coupon can only be used for orders placed by SF International App or SFGO. Discount will be shown upon checkout during order placing process. Amount of discount will only be final after SF salesclerk or courier scan it with the handheld terminal.
3. The coupon is only applicable to Standard Express and Economy Express for Japan, South East Asia and Great Chinese Region outbound shipments with cash paymen and Global express + for US outbound shipments with cash payment. Credit account payment cannot be deducted.
4. The coupon can only be used to deduct the freight, and can not be used to deduct any service charge and additional charge. The excess part should be covered by cash.
5. One shipment is limited to one coupon and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.
6. Once redeemed, coupons are not refundable or exchangeable. If a successful shipping order is paid with a coupon, if a refund or forwarding occurs, the coupon will not be returned and the coupon is invalid if used.
7. The coupon is tied to the registered account. It is not transferable. It is not redeemable for cash or change.
8. The coupon is valid for 60 days from the date of collection and will become invalid after expiration.
9. Sf International reserves the right to interpret this coupon. If you have any questions, please contact Korea SF customer service 080 393 1111.


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