About on Collection of Temporary Surcharge(updated on July 22)

  • Dear Customers,


    Due to the long-term COVID-19 outbreaks and changes in quarantine policies, but fares have been readjusted due to the normalization of air services in China. Therefore, from August 1, 2022, it will be reduced only for services arriving in China as follows:



    Destination Country


    TES Amount
    (Shipper Pay)

    TES Amount
    (Receiver Pay)

    Update Date


    China (Mainland)

    Standard Express (SE)

    Economy Express(EE)

    KRW 1,300/KG

    RMB 7.8/KG


    International Heavy Freight(IHF)

    RMB 7.8/KG

    E-Commerce Express(EXD)

    RMB 9.0/KG



    1. 3rd party pay at originals follow the rules for shipper pay; 3rd party pay at destinations follow the rules for receiver pay.

    2. Please refer to the official website of the corresponding country/region for Temporary Surcharge of other original.


    If you want to know more about it, please directly consult SF International Sales or call the Customer Service hotline. Thank you for your support and trust to SF International.



    SF International

    July 27, 2022