Resume sending personal cargo to China

  • Dear customer,

    From January 25, 2023, we will resume sending personal cargo to China as follows.


    1. Items

    - Reportable within 1000 RMB (Yuan) per AWB(Airway bill)
    * If there is only one single item in one AWB, 1000-5000 RMB (Yuan) can be reported.
    - Item not for processing or selling purposes and stated in reasonable quantity
    - Raw materials, parts, etc. cannot be recognized as personal cargo
    - Match the purchase receipt of the item with the stated price
    - Detailed product name including product name, brand, model name, material, and etc.
    * Make sure to mark the capacity of cosmetics, food, etc.
    * No Chinese translation required
    * For detailed quantity limit by item, contact the customer service center.


    2. Recipient

    - The recipient must be "Individual".
    - Recipient/ID/Send information are all the same
    - Check the upload of customs clearance data when applying for shipment.
    * Identification: Chinese - China domestic identification card, foreigners - Passport
    * Purchase receipt: Scan copy of actual receipt or screenshot


    3. Sender

    - If the sender is an individual customer, the customs (tax) payment method can only be 'paid to the recipient'
    - Check the freight payment method when sending the item
    * Pick-up request: Card or cash available / In-person drop-off: Card only available
    - If the sender is an enterprise customer (Account), apply monthly payment

    For more information, please contact the sales staff or customer service hotline 080 393 1111.

    Thank you for support and trust to SF International.


    SF International

    January 25, 2023.