【SF Japan Highlights】DWS System Introduced in Business Station to Enhance Efficiency

  • SF International Japan’s Tokyo Business Station located in Shinakawa-ku introduced the Dimensioning, Weighing, Scanning System (short for DWS System) from this June.


    DWS System is widely used in large logistics warehouses or distribution centers to improve work efficiency. DWS System is equipped with infrared sensor and barcode reader so when packages pass along the conveyer, the dimension and weight of the packages are measured and calculated automatically.

    The WDS System “SMART QBING” introduced at Tokyo Business Station


    Workflow of DWS System


    The DWS System “SMART QBING” can handle up to 9000 packages/hour with package weight of up to 50kg. Compared with traditional manual operation, the equipment can not only help to improve the work efficiency to around 50% at Tokyo Business Station, but also to reduce human errors and improve accuracy.


    With the introduction of the equipment, it enables our staff at the Business Station to have more time to handle more packages so that the packages kept in the station is shortened and exported to their destinations or delivered to the receiver much faster. We should be dedicated as always to improving our work efficiency and providing our customers with more convenient international express services with high quality.


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