A new SF Authorized Service Counter opens in Ikebukuro

  • At 3 pm of June 26 Friday, a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held in Ikebukuro to celebrate the opening of a new SF Authorized Service Counter. 

    Ribbon-cutting ceremony


    The new SF Authorized Service Counter was set up by SF Express and LDB Ikebukuro Co., Ltd, aiming at serving the Chinese customers in Ikebukuro. The main guests of the ceremony were Mr. Yao Meng, General Manager of SF Express, and Mr. Lu Debing, CEO of LDB Ikebukuro Co. Ltd.

    Mr. Yao Meng and Mr. Lu Debing


    Mr. Yao mentioned at the ceremony, “The collaboration with LDB has achieved remarkable performance. The advantages that both parties possess contribute to the setup of the service counter. And I believe the businesses between our two parties will grow even better in the near future.” Mr. Yao also mentioned the service counter in Ikebukuro, where is regarded as Tokyo’s New China Town, will help the Chinese people working or living in this area with the reliable and high quality of SF international express services.

    Mr. Yao Meng speaks at the ceremony


    Mr. Lu mentioned about the key factor for the collaboration, saying “besides the remarkable performance, the most important factor for the successful collaboration with SF is the mutual trust between SF and LDB. I also believe our businesses will grow better and better with each party making fully use of its advantages.”

    Mr. Lu Debing speaks at the ceremony


    The Authorized Service Counter in Ikebukuro accepts shipments drop-off during service hours, payment in WeChat and Alipay, and provides packing services with free materials. In addition, large-sized and heavy shipment services are also available at the service counter so as to meet various needs from consumers.




    Information about SF Authorized Service Counter Ikebukuro

    • International Express Services: SF Economy Express Service
    • Main destinations: Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong and Macau regions
    • Address:1F, Apollo Ikebukuro Building 4-1-7Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, 171-0014,Tokyo
    • Service Hours:  Mon-Sat: 10:00-18:00, Closed: Sun & holidays


    Till now, there are over 20 Authorized Service Counters covering Hokkaido Region, Kanto Region, Chubu Region, Kansai Region, Kyushu Region, and Okinawa. Check out for all Authorized Service Counters.

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