SF Airlines’ cargo freighter arrives at Osaka, a new chapter for Japan - China Air Transport

  • At 1:10 afternoon local time of 12 March, a B757 cargo freighter from SF Airlines, the subsidiary under SF Group in China, landed at the Kansai International Airport (KIX) in Osaka Japan.


    The cargo freighter took off from Shenzhen China this morning to Japan’s Osaka with general cargo shipments about 26 tons.


    The cargo freighter from Shenzhen China to Osaka Japan is expected to be a regular flight each week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. After the freighter arrives at KIX, all cargos will go through customs clearance and then be delivered to consignees by SF Express in Japan. Giving that the international transport resources between Japan and China keep shrinking, the kickoff of SF Airlines cargo freighter from Shenzhen to Osaka will help to ease the current limited international transport resources to some extent.


    SF plans to fly one cargo freighter every day in the coming future, which will raise the curtain for a brand-new chapter to the air transport between Japan and China.


    Till 12 March, 2020, SF Airlines has been launching cargo freighters in about 10 cities in the United States, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Vietnam from several cities in China.

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