A restatement on shipment packaging and shipping rates calculation

  • Dear customers,


    Thank you for your continued trust and support to SF International.


    SF International has been following the IATA’s regulation to calculate chargeable weight of international shipments for shipping rates. According to IATA, chargeable weight is the actual gross weight or the volumetric weight of the shipment – whichever is the greater.


    Recently we found some shipments packed in cardboard box were in a plastic bag. Such kind of double packaging is a misunderstanding of the plastic bag and it is not the standardized packaging, which may cause negative impact on normal international transportation and lead to shipments failing to be loaded or transport delay etc.


    To send out customers’ shipments in a timely and safe manner and avoid the abovementioned impact, starting from Oct. 18, 2021, we will recalculate the volumetric weight and gross weight of the shipment and charge the greater one accordingly if it is double packaging with cardboard box in a plastic bag.


    For international shipment packing guideline, please refer to our website How to pack your shipment, and for details about volumetric weight, you may see Volumetric weight.


    We appreciate your kind understanding. For any questions about shipping rate calculation, please contact our Customer Service at 0120-683-683 or 03-5781-1513, or chat with our Online Support on our website.