Terms and Conditions of Shipment Protection Plus

Terms and Conditions of Shipment Protection Plus


1. Shipment Protection Plus (hereinafter referred to as SPP) is a valued-added service provided by SF (definition referred to Clause 1.1 of Terms and Conditions of Waybill).When SPP is purchased by the Shipper, SF’s liability will be governed by this SPP-Terms and Conditions in place of Clause 3 of Terms and Conditions of Waybill, while other provisions of Terms and Conditions of Waybill shall continue to apply.


2. SF’s responsibilities under SPP shall commence with immediate effect from the time when SF receives the Shipment and will expire when the express delivery service is completed. Once SPP is purchased, Shipper is not entitled to rescind or terminate SPP during SF’s carriage. Any recall of Shipment, suspension or termination of express delivery service by Shipper will not result in any refund of the SPP fee, and Shipper is liable to pay SPP fee if SPP fee has not yet been paid.


3. SF has the absolute discretion in deciding whether to provide SPP or withdraw SPP at any time. If SF decides to withdraw SPP, SF will refund the SPP fee without interest.


4. SPP is not applicable to the following items:

    4.1 Prohibited transported or illegal items;

    4.2 Fragile items such as ceramics, glass, plaster etc;

    4.3 Items that are difficult to store or keep fresh (including but not limited to fresh seasonal fruits, specialties, aquatic products etc.);

    4.4 Items that involve document type (including but not limited to ID card, passport and other certificates, bills, approvals, files etc.); and;

    4.5 Items whose declared value exceed or equal to RMB 20,000.


5. Rules of Claim

    5.1 Application Document: SF shall be entitled to request claim application document at any time and Shipper is responsible to provide the following documents for review without any falsification, omission or rejection:

         5.1.1  an accurate, actual and legal commercial invoice of the Shipment;

         5.1.2  other accurate, actual and legal documentation requested by SF in respect of the Shipment (such as order record, transaction record, customs declaration document, transportation information, payment voucher etc.);

         5.1.3  Shipper shall ensure that the declared value shall be consistent with the value indicated on the invoice and the other relevant documentation, falling which the lesser amount shall prevail (hereinafter referred to as the “SPP Value”) and SF shall be entitled to charge Shipper the difference of the SPP fee with respect to the under-declared value at any time.


    5.2 Claims Situation: SPP shall only compensate partial or total loss or damage to the Shipment during SF’s carriage which is directly caused by SF, otherwise the claim shall be rejected


    5.3 Compensation Standard:

         5.3.1  No matter the Shipment is loss or damage, SF will only compensate for the actual loss or damage according to an amount in relation to the loss or damage proportion of and within the SPP Value (i.e. compensation amount=the SPP Value * the loss proportion);

         5.3.1  In the event that the item listed in Clause 4 to which SPP is not applicable is shipped together with other items that SPP can apply in one Shipment or on one waybill and has been successfully purchased SPP, SF will not compensate for the item that SPP cannot apply while SF shall still be liable to compensate for other items that SPP is applicable for in accordance with the rules of claim set forth in Clause 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3.1 herein above.


    5.4 Exceptions:

         5.4.1  SPP shall not compensate any indirect loss or damage including but not limited to any potential incomes, profit, interest, actual use, business opportunities, business value and other loss or damage as claimed by Shipper;

         5.4.2  SPP shall not compensate any direct or indirect loss or damage beyond SF’s control, including but not limited to acts of God (including earthquakes, cyclones, storms, floods, etc.), infectious disease (such as COVID-19), acts or omissions of relevant government departments or customs (including the detention of goods, etc.), laws or regulations, riots, strikes or other labor disputes, civil disturbances, failures or interruptions in communications and information systems (including but not limited to the communication and information systems of SF), any interference in the air or road traffic network or action or omission by Shipper (including insufficient information provided by Shipper etc.);

         5.4.3  If Shipper makes a false statement, false declaration, forges or provides any untrue, inaccurate or illegal document about the Shipment, or the Shipment contains the items listed in Clause 4, SF shall not be responsible to make any compensation, regardless of whether it is directly caused by SF or not; SF shall at the same time have rights to cancel the SPP at any time without refunding any SPP fee, and all related expenses incurred shall be borne by Shipper, including but not limited to round trip freight charge, storage fee, insurance fee, transportation fee, warehousing fee etc.


    5.5 Processing Time:

         1)  Claim processing time: Shipper must submit a written application to SF within 7 days from the date of dispatch or the date of delivery of oral or written notice of loss or damage (whichever is earlier). Notwithstanding any provisions herein or Terms and Conditions of Waybill contained to the contrary, any failure to make a claim within 7 days shall be deemed to be a waiver of all right of recovery by Shipper;

         2)  Reference of Claim settlement processing time: a) For Shipper who has a credit account, SF will indicate and settle the claim on the monthly statement bill of that month after both parties sign the claim settlement document. b) For Shipper without any credit account, SF will complete the claim within three (3) to seven (7) working days after the signing of the claim settlement document by both parties and the amount of compensation will be refunded by payment method that both parties agreed.


6. Shipper hereby declares and confirms that Shipper will not claim any direct or indirect loss or damage from SF beyond any standard of compensation.


7. If compensation has been made with respect to any SPP Shipment, the ownership and all the rights thereof shall transfer to SF on a pro rata basis.


8. If any provision hereof is held by any court or other authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the remaining provisions hereof and the remaining contents of the affected provision shall remain valid.


9. SF reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without further notice and any revision shall become immediately effective and binding when such revision is published on SF’s official website.


10.Once SPP is purchased, this SPP-Terms and Conditions shall be a supplementary agreement to the Terms and Conditions of Waybill.If there is any conflict therein, this SPP- Terms and Conditions shall prevail. Anything not mentioned herein shall be subject to Terms and Conditions of Waybill.


11. In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.