SF Certified International shipping
SF CIS Can Meet the Needs of Both Online Shoppers and E-commerce Merchants
Needs of Cross-Border E-commerce Shoppers
● Trustworthy delivery services
● Door-to-door delivery
Needs of Cross-Border E-commerce Merchants
● Working with trustworthy logistics partners
● Meeting customer demands for timely delivery
   services, turning logistics capabilities into a
   competitive advantage
SF CIS Provides
High quality logistics services - End-to-end visibility - Information of shipments pickup country
SF Certified International Shipping Symbolizes Trustworthy Logistics Services
  • Service quality guarantee for SF International’s logistics services
  • Enhance online customer satisfaction for logistics service, supporting sales growth
  • “SF Certified International Shipping“stamp on physical waybil
  • Priority use of SF promotional resources, “SF CIS” special promotions, events, and any other types of promotions
  • Information of pickup country and end-to-end traceability
  • Sharing SF International marketing resources to enhance exposure
SF Certified International Shipping + Online E-Commerce Store = E-commerce shop with the most trustworthy logistics partner
Rights and Interests
In the effective period of SF CIS service, e-commerce merchant who applied and got approval for SF CIS may get different services and support from SF Express compare to the e-commerce merchants who have not got approved for SF CIS.
  • Authorized e-commerce merchants may use an official “SF Certified International Shipping” stamp and use relevant promotional materials on social media platforms for a valid period of one year.
  • SF Express will provide end-to-end visibility and verified package pickup information for anti-fraud purposes; SF will work closely with merchants to enhance brand image together.
  • E-commerce merchants have priority to use SF promotion resources, including but not limited to “SF Certified International Shipping” special promotion, events and any other forms of promotion.
  • To improve the shopping experience for online e-commerce shoppers, SF Express will continue to provide high-quality express delivery services.
 E-commerce merchants are responsible for products quality.
 The rights and value added services related to the rights and interests of SF CIS may adjust.
All rights are subject to SF policy.
Applicable Countries
Merchant Requirements for Qualification
 Applicant must be an existing SF Express credit account, and using SF cross-border logistics service for at least 3 months
 Applicant must be cross-border e-merchants for either B2B and/or B2C businesses
 The e-commerce merchant cannot sell any products that are prohibited, restricted, dangerous or toxic by regulations of IATA, the International Civil Aviation
   Organization and other relevant government departments or organizations