How to prepare invoice

1. HAWB No.

The HAWB number should match the AWB number.


2. Shipper’s Information

Company's Name/ Shipper’s Name/ Tel No./ Address/ Country & Postal code.


3. Receiver's Information

Company Name/ Receiver’s Name/ Tel No./ Address/ Country & Postal code (Excluding Hong Kong and Macao).


4. Serial Number or ID Number

Fill in the consignee's business license number (8 digits) or receiver's ID number (10 digits) if the shipment destination is Taiwan.


5. Descriptions of goods

Shipper must fill in the detailed description of goods including materials. All products should be listed separately, and the declared value must be in USD or local currency (3 digits). (Do not fill in the dollar sign "$".) If the contents do not have commercial value, please write: “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, NOT FOR SALE” or “VALUE FOR CUSTOMS PURPOSE ONLY”.


6. Country of Origin

Should fill in country of origin.


7. Terms of Trade

Intercoms (e.g. CIF, FOB) must be marked to limit the buyers and seller’s obligations related to the transportation of goods.


8. Reason for sending

The shipper must specify whether the shipment is for business or personal purposes.


9. Signature & Date

The shipper must sign his/her signature and full in the date on the invoices.