Kindly Reminder of SF International's Upgrading of the Product Number Segment to 15 Digits

  • Dear Customers,


    To satisfy the State Post Bureau's latest requirements, all express delivery enterprises shall upgrade their digit rules of waybill number in accordance with the unified national standards. SF actively responds to the policies of the State Post Bureau and upgrades the digits of SF's waybill number to 15 digits. Upgrade rules: Currently, SF's waybill number merely consists of 12 digits (for example: 809 000 000 000), after the upgrade, the new waybill number will be “SF + 13 digits” (for example: SF0000000000000). The upgrade plan of the number segment of SF International's products is as follows:


    If you send shipments via self-built logistics system with API connection through SF's system, please upgrade the verification rules of the upgraded number segment before the system is effective, otherwise, your order placement will be affected. If you encounter exceptions when sending shipments by order placement via third-party platforms or ERP,  please timely dial SF International business customer service hotline9533883.


    Thank you for your trust and support to SF international business all the time. 

    SF Express

    May 29, 2019